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Barney – Let’s Share Good Manners

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Mommy : Ben, do you know I bought a Barney DVD?
Daddy : Yes, I know. Do you know how boring it is? Asher was not even watching it.
Mommy : Oh really? Do you know how popular Barney is among the children?
Daddy : it’s weird colour combination. Purple dinasour ?!

(Smoochie sneezed)

Asher : Bless you. You cannot like this, you must cover your mouth! Tissue paper? (look around the house)

Mommy : See ! He only watch twice and according to you, he wasn’t even watching.

Today, I borrow 6 Barney DVDs from library. Why didn’t I think of getting them from library before I spend $ buying it off shelf? Go green go green !!


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