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Counting Down…2 more days


I have 2 super durable, good quality poncho, bought them 3.5 years ago in LA. I was so mad with my helper this morning as she misplaced one of it and after checking out the weather forecast, I have no choice but to head down to Daiso to get more poncho.

How can I not check the weather before I book the trip? It’s raining, raining and stormy, Sigh, let’s pray for better weather.

Oh yah, 2 more days and yet to pack. I decided to take minimal amount of clothes, super light weight, no extra shoes and the best part ….

Asher, at age of almost 32 months old, is visiting his 15th city – Hong Kong & Shenzhen without diapers!

Frankly, I didn’t know we can make it, I thought Asher will be wearing diaper till he reaches 3.

So these will be replacing the diapers, cute or not? (Asher loves to ask this way)



2 thoughts on “Counting Down…2 more days

  1. have fun! shop lots and eat plenty! 🙂

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