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Emergencies & Non Emergencies


So now you know why A&E at all hospitals in Singapore are crowded, chocked with human traffic and forever having long waiting time? Are you one of those who make it so crowded?

I had only 1 experience at “government children hospital” A & E and I was there for “valid reason” hence we went in and got out within 2 hours.

I had 2 experiences at “government women hospital” A & E and was there for less than 2 hours because my #2 pregnancy was unstable – bleeding ++

If you need to (touch wood) visit A & E one day, please kindly refer to the above poster especially made by HPB for the public.


2 thoughts on “Emergencies & Non Emergencies

  1. tis is useful!!
    can i share it?

  2. of course! I hope everyone can see this!

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