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5 days 4 nights @ HK & SZ

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Don’t know where to start.

Okay, start from home. Day 1
I can’t remember why I was so busy till the day we flew, we packed our luggage few hours before departure, I forgot to bring extra shoes for Asher, I checked the weather, it is raining seasons and I should have brought extra pair. Besides, I forgot to bring thermometer and Asher was running fever the night before we flew back to Singapore. Ben sponged him until 3am and we couldn’t find any pharmacies to get paracetamol.

Blame the stupid mom, that’s me ! for not checking which hotel we will be staying. IT WAS SO FAR FROM CITY. I should have asked the agency and changed to any hotels located in Kowloon. We asked to be transferred to airport earlier so I can get medicine. It costs me SGD10 for a small tiny bottle from Manning aka Guardian. Lesson learnt : Bring extra shoes, thermometer and paracetamol/brufen whenever we go overseas.

Actually, I brought all these for our past holidays. SIGH.

Hong Kong. Day 1/2
We had our late lunch at YUNG KEE, expensive but tasty 🙂 I am glad my mom loves the lunch and I brought everyone to take tram, we took this before in HK few years back and it is similiar to the tram we took in San Francisco, my mom took this before when she was in HK 30 years back. Then why did we take it again? FOR ASHER OF COURSE ! LOL !! After that, we took the bus ride to Wanchai Ferry Pier, that’s right, I brought everyone there to take ferry to Kowloon. It was an awesome experience, Asher loved it so much and my mom told me she took this before too because before 80s, everyone must take ferry if they wanted to travel to another side. Then we walked around TST and had HUI LAU SHAN Mango dessert and we took dinner at Mongkok. The weather was quite bad for Day 1. Drizzling and raining and I forgot to buy raincoat for our beloved stroller ! HOW CAN I DO THIS TO OUR STROLLER?! Lesson learnt : Bring raincoat for stroller if going on holiday that required a lot of walking.

By the way, this is a most travelled stroller – Maclaren Day Tripper ! It has been to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Kyoto, Macao, Phuket, Bali, Malaysia, Paris, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Paris, London, Switzerland… I remember a few people asked me before what kind of strollers to bring to overseas. my advice : Light weight, sturdy, forget about recline fully or not, children after 8 months old can sleep in all simple strollers, they may look uncomfortable to you but trust me, they are okay in it. Maclaren is the best (to me) so far, after so many years, from Cheryl to Asher, still working fine and no squeaky sound.

Disneyland Hong Kong. Day 2
Everything was okay except the weather. It was so DAMN HOT IN THE MORNING AND FOLLOWED BY RAINING CATS & DOGS IN THE AFTERNOON. Drizzling till evening. Luckily we brought raincoats for everyone so we walked in the rain. It was quite fun actually. Something to share, before we went Disneyland, the local was telling us to bring our own water bottle as each bottle of mineral water costs HKD15/SGD3, COKE is HKD25/SGD5. The hot weather didn’t stop us from spending SGD5 for that precious COLD COKE. 😛

Shenzhen, China. Day 3/4
I wanted to post photos and there were just too many things I wanted to write but when I lost my iphone (again) on my Birthday in Shenzhen, I have zero mood to update anything, not only that, at some point, I was helpless because I usually blog using my iphone. Okay, today is the 4th day without a phone, I am adjusting to it. I will survive till my ipad arrives on Monday or Tuesday.

Between iPhone and iPad, I choose iPad because it is much bigger, slap me hard if I were to misplace something so big ! Thanks hub for it. I will try my very best to look after the iPad till iPhone 5 is out. *cross fingers* Okay, so you think ipad is my 30th birthday present? NO ! It was “It’s ok baby, don’t bother to find it any more and don’t think about it any more, I will get you another one, see, the most important thing is here with us, you have your passport, Asher and me.”

Frankly, I was OKAY when it went missing, of course I felt bad for losing something but I was okay, I even fell asleep within 15 mins. Then I received a call telling me they probably knew who was the culprit, likely to be one of the staff at the spa centre in the hotel, they wanted me to go to the security control room to view the footage and if needed, made a police report. I was so silly to think that I might get it back but inside my heart, I knew this was impossible. True enough, time wasted and I went to my room at around 1am. Come on ! This is China, Shenzhen you know?! Infamous for robbing, stealing and all kind of crimes, just like Macao and Paris. The Hong Kong people we know told us stories about Shenzhen and some of the tour mates got frighten, all right, I understood that she just wanted us to be more alert and be vigilant but thefts are everywhere in this world.

Due to that “scary stories”, there was a couple, so chicken that they told us they wanted to “stick” to us, followed us to everywhere, taxi, dinner, shopping and even Hong Kong. Ben said we are fellow Sg, it is okay to look after each other. I know I know but it is not okay when this fella (around aged 56)

– keep telling us he plays golf
– keep telling us he plays golf that’s why he needs a bracelet to protect his wrist
– buy the bracelet and asked me if it looks nice on him (my ans:I do not know how to appreciate this)
– found a mirror and pretend to be holding golf club
– keep telling us the project he is doing at Changi Terminal 1
– keep telling us his grandson is also named Asher
– keep asking for CHILLI sauce at all restaurant we went to
– keep telling us he is good at martial art

Not only followed us everywhere we go, the couple treated us like tour guide, expect us to buy train tickets for them and bring them back to hotel in Hong Kong. After arriving Hong Kong, they wanted to follow us for dinner !!!! HELLO, we are in HK and HK is safe so please give us some family time. I was bad, at last minutes, I just told them we won’t be going out for dinner so I pretended to buy a few sushi back to hotel. After 30 minutes, we went to the mall for dinner. And Ben said this (again) : no more guided tour. Actually, this is just a half guided tour.

Lastly, Hong Kong International Airport. Day 5
Lovely ! We have been to many airports but I love Changi and HK airports. Lots of shopping, just like another shopping paradise, I kept telling my sister it is okay to check in early because we can shop around, Free wifi and many hong kong delicacies, hahaha, we spent all remaining HKD there !! So, after all unpleasant experiences in HK & SZ, will we come back again? YES to me, No to… no one ! Asher was so sad when we left HK, once the flight took off, Asher said GOODBYE HONG KONG and Cried Out Loud in the plane !

Yeah, long post, zero photos. I was upset when the phone was lost because I lost all the photos taken in HK but Ben told me he took some using his so stay tune, I will post them when they are ready. 🙂


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