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Introduction to math concepts

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So Chiam?! haha, it is just something we will be working on together during this term break – Introduction to math concepts.

We will be learning these comparison activities as it helps to develop an understanding of mathematical order like Large or Small Comparison, Like Items Comparison and More or Less Comparison

We will revise counting and number recognition through some worksheets like Count the Groups, Count and Trace and Connect the Dots

Besides, We will be learning pattern recognition as these activities require children to observe and continue patterns preparing them for learning to recognize numbers.

Actually we have been doing all these but I think we can do more on comparison.

What? Too kiasu?! I start this because…

Daddy : Asher, we are going for breakfast now. Daddy wants a cup of coffee and you also want another cup, how many cups of coffee do we need to buy?
Asher : two! (show V)
Daddy : oh, it is raining now. Mommy, daddy and Asher need to bring umbrellas, how many do you have to bring?
Asher : three !!


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