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Kim’s Kitchen Tingkat Dinner

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Seriously, when comes to cooking, I must have the mood to do so. Yes, I just order a 5-day trial Tingkat dinner delivery from Kim’s Kitchen. The “heart”, “passion”, “mood”, “idea” are no where near me whenever I walk into my kitchen. I’m talking about my kitchen, there isn’t any “柴米油盐” or “酱醋茶”, only rice and my fridge is empty, except those cold drinks and beers to entertain guests.

I used to cook? Yes, I used to stay at my mom’s from 9am-9pm. My house is like hotel and kitchen is a pantry to us.

For this term break, Asher doesn’t need to go to school for the next 4 weeks. We thought it might be a good idea for me to be alone with him, just 2 of us. I even tell smoothie to stay in kitchen and utility room so Asher can’t find anyone to bully. Oh, I shouldn’t use that word but frankly, I can’t think of any replacement word yet.

As we are on holiday, I kinda relax relax a bit, the “hourly sit down do paper work” only happen when he asks for it. From 9am-6pm, we do all sorts of activities : lacing, blocks, counting objects, painting, colouring and we watch cartoons, high 5, 唐诗三百首.

See, I don’t have time to cook, I want to nap with Asher and wake up to spend time with him, there are so many stuff to do daily. We gonna go playground every evening too.

Just, don’t be bored by my next 5 days dinner photos.


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