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2 days to 32 months old

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We practice how to hold a pen correctly. I’m actually fine with the way he holds pen right now because children usually starting to grip the pen correctly at age 3.5 but since he understands better, I start teaching him now, hope by the time he turns 3.5yo, I don’t have to worry about it.

Skill improves a lot. I draw lines and get him to cut, everyone can DIY by using any paper at home.

If your children just wave bye bye to diaper, you will understand the “苦” I am facing now. Public Toilet! Whenever we are out for long, Asher needs to pee and I have problem finding a “squatting toilet”. The kiasi me put diaper on Asher while we were on the plane to Hong Kong, true enough, this kid wanted to use the toilet before landing, as we were not allowed to use the toilet, I told him to hold his bladder and the next minute, he was crying out loud – I want to wee wee !!!! Yes, we told him he can pee in his diaper but he said,” I can’t !! I want to go toilet !!!”

Of course it is fun and happy when your child starts to tell you he wants to do his business in toilet, shoo you out and call out loud when he has done. I find him really cute. While we were in shenzhen, he tried to poo after constipated for days, he told me to wait outside the toilet, I peeped of course, he was sitting on the bowl, talking to himself, I don’t know, maybe he is trying to stimulate ? He really pooed And even told me how many pieces! LoL !!

For the past few months, I have problem putting him to bed, be it afternoon nap or night time. He would play and play and talk and talk and I almost went crazy ! Ever since I decided to keep him at home with only 2 of us, no fuss ! We spend some times reading his favourite story books and i pat him to sleep for around 15mins. When he just started to nap without diaper during afternoon nap, the time was shorten by 1 hour because he needed to pee, after that he couldn’t go back to his sleep. Now, he can sleep for 3 hours without interruption, no bed wetting too. I am keeping my finger cross !!!!! Please remain like this, sleep well my sweet heart, I’m still thinking should I buy a toddler bed for you or not.

Asher’s favourite story books – Maisy! He loves Maisy a lot and he can recognize a few words in the book. Besides that, he recognizes his name, Asher, and daddy’s, Ben and of course, Maisy !


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