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Sent Helper Back to Agency

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Reason – stealing 真是狗改不了吃屎

Okay, what’s new ?

Seriously, am I too lenient or I’m just unlucky to have such ungrateful helper ?!

Those who followed my blog probably know my ex helper, ya, it’s ex because I sent her back yesterday, steals money from us. We gave her chance, countless, thinking we were not always right too and we should give each other another chance but this girl, never appreciate and went overboard.

She steals money, cookies, cakes, cheese… What? I mentioned these before? Okay, but she still steals them after the last episode of hoohaa.

Before she left, she takes my sanitary pads and panty liners. Best part, when I asked her she told me she brought them from Indonesia! She also steals my hair conditional, steal? Okay, she squeezed them out without asking. I saw a packet of white cream in a plastic bag and I smell it, ahhh, familiar ! new food she tried without asking, yogurts, chocolates. She finished my butter in the fridge and left the empty box inside.

We tried our best !!! One of my friend taught me to buy food for her and I did, she has her own fair share of snack and drink, I just don’t understand why must she keep stealing food and now, she is very very good at telling lies! She would give a pathetic look and tell you she didn’t take any food.

Create havoc at home and caused family dispute was the last straw ! She knows my mom is unwell and on medication, she keep making mistake and accused my mom for not making herself clear. Put the blame on my mom as she knows if my mom raises her voice, I will rescue her. To be fair, I know sometimes my mom will lose her temper and she is forgetful so I try not to side my mom all the time, in fact I told my mom not to scold her. So you see, there is always arguments at home and I just couldn’t stand it. This is also one of the reason I decided to keep Asher with me at my house. Only 2 of us, no “noise”.

Until yesterday morning, around 530am, Asher woke up and wanted to pee, I brought him to toilet and decided to go downstair to have some drink. When I opened my door, I saw her door was half opened, dark inside and every lights were turned on but no sound. I was so scared because my 1st helper went out of the house early in the morning and locked me in the house. I walked around the house and couldn’t find her. I then realised I didn’t open her room door and checked if she was inside, when I walked up the stair, she walked down. From her look, I knew she just woke up and expected her to tell me she overslept (again), guess the answer?

“cleaning my room”

I asked more than twice and she gave me the same answer! I asked her to show me her cleaning cloth and you know what? She walked into her room and came out with nothing! I walked into her room and turned on the light, her mattress was still on the floor and everything was untouched. “did you wake up at 530am, went down to turn on all the lights and came back to sleep?” she nodded.

Liar liar, how come I keep a liar at home?! I kept telling her to be honest, really, of you are an employer, you know, if they did anything wrong but truthful, 我们是拿他没辙的!too bad, she chooses to tell lie, over and over again.

This afternoon, we spent few hours at a few domestic maid agencies, interviewing transferred maids. I spoke to so many agents and they all asked me why do I need hire a maid when I told them my helper
– doesn’t need to cook for us
– doesn’t need to look after children
– doesn’t need to do marketing
– doesn’t need to look after elderly
– doesn’t need to wash my dog because my dog is maintained by professional groomer weekly

– has her own room (many helpers sleep in store room, bomb shelter, balcony, living room)
– has her own bathroom
– has rice and fish for meals everyday (many helpers eat bread for lunch)
– just need to do houseworks
– just need to wash my utility room twice daily
– can call and write letter home and I will pay for IDD cards (many helpers pay for the card)
– rest from 930pm-530pm (I was shocked to know many of them rest after 12mn !!)
– will be given bonus after she completes 2 years contract with us
– will be given new luggage and gift before she returns

Of course, agents can ask why do we need a helper because it does look like we do not need one. Okay, till the day smoochie is not around and we move into a smaller house, I will consider not hiring one. Right now, we still need one to help us to keep an eye on my mom and help us with the chores.

I strongly think we are not as bad as many employers out there, our helper will be given enough rest, sufficient food,
good lodging environment and privacy. So long she does her work properly, we should be able to stay together for the next two years. Before we left, I placed deposit at one agency after interviewing a Burmese who can speak fairly good English and look very cheerful. She was not sent back to agency by employer but from MOM as her ex employer asked her to help out in their shop and this is illegal, employer got fined and this poor girl wants to earn money back to Myanmar that’s why she is looking for new employer and she is willing to work for us.

We will be bringing her back from agency as soon as our ex helper fly back to Indonesia.

To warn my fellow readers, these maids were not reliable.




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