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Tingkat Dinner Trial Day 4

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Chapchai – not bad
Luncheon Meat – gravy cannot make it
Chicken wing – well marinated, cook well
Herbal soup – sweet and weird

For many reasons Asher and I were at my mom’s today. I was out almost the whole day actually.
1100-1200 @ maid agency to pay salary
1230-1400 @ bank to close acct
1500 -1600 @ playground with kids
1600-1620 @ home to check on smoochie and collect tingkat dinner
1630-1700 @ maid agency again to sign paper
Left mom’s at 1930hrs to NTUC FP to get breakfast and vegetables for asher.

So mom got to share the tingkat dinner with me today. I was telling her :
– no need to replace gas
– no need to cook for adults
– just prepare kids’ meals (it’s as easy as ABC)
– no need to buy grocery
– rest and try new catering until you jelak

She kinda got influenced by me, she is now thinking of ordering tingkat dinner from Neo’s Garden! LoL !!! Instead of 5 days, we are thinking of ordering 4 days meal a week because every Friday, mom will cook a lot of delicious food as our eldest sis, SIL and Cheryl are around.

Then our helper will think we are the laziest sahm(s) ever ! But I got the feeling, we will still walk into the kitchen and cook fresh fish and brew nutritious soup for the family.



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