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Who Clean The House?

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Obviously, there is no one else except me. No, I don’t look like the above cleaner, I don’t have smile on my face. Blehh !

Close to 2 years I didn’t hold the mop or wash any dishes because I have a helper, actually these are the things I dislike the most because mopping causes blisters on my palms. What? You think I have maid when I was born? I only hire helper 2 years ago and I’ve stopped working since 5 years ago, in fact, if I were to start counting the years, I have been doing houseworks even before I got married. I washed the dogs, cleaned the house, cooked for sisters when I came to Singapore in 2001.

For the past 2 years, it was really a luxury to have one helper to help with the houseworks. Today is the 4th day without one, I spend slightly less than 2 hour to wash clothes, hang clothes, mop the floor, scrub the war zone, boil water, fill up all bottles, cook Asher’s lunch. I almost dead! Surface cleaning not done, sofa not wiped, 3 bedrooms and staircase not wiped, bathrooms not washed!

I have to settle my own lunch and feed the boy, cook his dinner after putting him to bed in the afternoon, rest and think nothing, I have little energy to coach him and the weather is killing me!

I can’t wait for daddy to come home and rescue me but he is also tired. I texted the agent and asked her when can I bring the helper back. Seriously, I don’t mind you call me lazy, I need one badly to do all the cleaning stuff so I can focus solely on Asher ! I feel bad as I have not spend enough time with him, while cleaning, he is left there to watch cartoon, this morning, he even switched it off and said no tv please.

Tomorrow I have to wake up early to finish the chores so I can go to the church and then bring Asher for trial class at Hua Language Centre, to town to use up the vouchers, to do my nails as Asher has been telling me he wants to see red nail polish. I just feel like getting out of the not-so-clean house and have a nice afternoon tea somewhere else. I think I’m stressed.


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