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Very Interesting People !

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This entry is to share our experience with some really interesting people we’ve came across. Yes, just came across because we don’t know them, in fact, we don’t even know their last name.

Mr. A –
We met at someone’s party. To be nice, we said Hi and followed by self intro. (that’s it! The fun part begins) He started off the conversation by asking…
“do you play golf?” (ya, wtf, who on earth will strike a conversation like this?) obviously the answer from us : NO. (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with our answer) And you think there wasn’t anything in common and we continued eating? Haha, the old man kept on and on about the golf matter and all we know in the end of the conversation was : handicap. LoL ! We came back and share the “incident” with my sister, Nat. “Ben, you should go for a few lessons so that you know what the hack he was talking about…” you know what did Ben say? “I’m too busy to spend my previous time on the game just to keep the conversation going, it’s meaningless. All I need are a few words (other than handicap) and I can speak like an old bird like him.” We all had a good laugh.

Mr. B –
Met at one yogurt corner at a shopping mall. We passed by and he was trying to sell his yogurt. Okay, we bought a cup and sat down.”I still prefer yammi yogurt” (that’s me! I said it because I really prefer yammi yogurt) Then the “boss” turned around and stared at me! Ben jokingly said,” the boss is here!” haha, I was a bit taken aback so I continued saying that I prefer yammi yogurt because i don’t take yogurt but yammi yogurt is really like ice cream to me. The boss then tried to explain that their yogurt is not frozen yogurt. Precisely ! That’s why I don’t like your yogurt. Then his started focus at Asher by asking his age and what school is he in. (the fun part has begun) I have zero idea why he suddenly

1. complained about the increased preschool fee, even said he was studied at PAP and his son went to Kinderland. (ahh, so this is the point) he wanted to tell us he said his son to Kinderland.(Is Kinderland a famous preschool? Expensive? Better than PAP, I don’t know and I don’t know if he thought my son went to PAP)

2. Tell us his 2nd son is 2.5yo too and he learns a lot of things in school. Then here comes the important thing… “my son is only 2.5yo and he told me he wants to be a doctor! Children nowadays learn a lot in school hor?” (pardon me? What so great about being a doctor? Out before 7am and home way after 7pm, on call all the time, for HO and MO, they still see everyone’s colour faces including nurses, they only start shining when they are a REG and seriously, what has it gotta do with me?)

3. And “my son loves to swim at this age!” (2.5yo loves to play water, I don’t need you to tell me.) ahhaaaa, here is the most important thing he wanted to tell us!!! “he always want to go swimming so we bring him downstairs” (see, that’s the point! In less than 5 min, he wanted us to know that he stays in a condo in khatib and more if I were to list down. )

In the time we sat there to finish the yogurt, he asked questions and answered them by himself, assuming we wanted to know about him too. So you roughly know how long we were at the yogurt corner, we were told
– this is the 4th outlets of the yogurt stall
– you need to pay $200k if you’re keen to start their franchise
– he stays in a condo
– he has 2 sons
– his 1st son goes to elite school because kinderland mgt promised him and wrote him a letter
– he wants to expand his business and has 10 and more outlets in Singapore
– he hardly go to the mall because he has 4 other outlets to look after (but we saw him 4x a week in the mall and he siam us)
– his wife is a housewife

Okay, that’s all because we excused ourselves, otherwise, more to “show off”.

Mr. C –
Yes!!! One more interesting fella we met in Hon Kong ! Actually I did mention him a little in my previous entry. Another “golf person” you know? Hahaha

Actually, what are they trying to archive or prove? Getting more wow and wah then expect people to be your friend? Sometimes, I think they are too bored. Anyway, thanks for entertaining us 🙂


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