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Art & Craft @ Home

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We did salt painting again. This time, Asher is more confident and knows what to do when I hand him the glue and salt. Once it is dried, we move on to add some colouring. Asher chooses the 6 colours by himself and I mix them with some water. Oh yes, it’s water colour paint.

When he completed it, he told me to put it outside for drying.

Suddenly I feel that he has grown up a lot. He is so well-behaved, he even told me he is good boy and he “didn’t” push didi. Yes, he learns the word and keep using it. Haha. When he heard the thunders, he said the thunders hit didi as didi started crying, he then said thunder is naughty, Asher is good boy and asked thunder to go away politely with a “please”. LoL !!


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