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More Items for NB – All Sold


2 boxes are new, 1 opened but well kept, the sheets still new, no stain. UP$6.50 each, now selling $5 for 3 boxes.


$4.50, UP$9.90

Brand new $2 only – sold


9 thoughts on “More Items for NB – All Sold

  1. Hi Diana, I am interested in the liners and towels.
    What is the size of the towels?

  2. It’s like face towel but slightly bigger. Let me check later, I’m out at playground. Total 6 pcs.

  3. Just open and see, the towel is much bigger than children face towel selling at store. Slight discolouration at the side due to storage. If you don’t mind.

  4. ok, i want the liners and towels.
    self collection or post?

  5. Too bulky. Can collect? Convenient to come down to my place? Tomorrow we will be at vivo for dinner. Morning will be around jurong west (about 11am)

  6. Collect from next Sunday after lunch? Will u be in woodlands? Or let me know when u are coming to jurong again. Thanks!

  7. Yes, will be around in wdls. Will email you the address shortly.

  8. Hi Diana,

    Due to some reason, I would not be able to use the liners and towels afterall. 😦
    Hence, I can’t buy the stuff from you.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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