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Mischievous ? Naughty ? Or what?

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He was so playful in the class today and I was crossed ! I was worried another kid in the class may get affected by his actions. During music and movement, he was lying on the floor and I pulled him out of the class immediately. He cried of course but lasted for 30 seconds, I swear I didn’t hit him, I was giving him warning with a very stern and angry look. I think 小娟老师 got frighten by me too, she walked out to check on us.

After the class, we went to our favourite spot – popular bookstore. When we arrived the storybook section, he took a book (I don’t know where did he get it from) and sat down immediately, pretended to read book. I left him there and walked to another row.


For the first time, he picked a book from the shelf.


Followed me to another row, shouted for me, asked me nicely to sit on the floor and read to him. It was late but how could I reject him? We sat down together and I started reading (thinking his 3 mins heat will be fading soon but I was wrong), we were half way thru the book and Asher was sitting next to me, listened quietly, looked at the illustrations… (like super duper good boy!)

Then, a salesperson came to us and told us not to sit on the floor and read. Arrgghhh, I said sorry and told Asher I will get him the book. While checking the stock available at another branch, Asher told me he needed to poo! (again!!! This is not the first time he wanted to do his big business while we were at popular)

We left to the toilet and the toilet was too dirty, I was so bad, I told him to hold it as the toilet was too dirty for him to use. The good little boy said okay to me !!!!! We quickly zoomed home by train.


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