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Pretend Play

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Children are amazing, they are changing all the time. I remember I was amazed by his progress in the beginning of this year, I still find it hard to believe that their little brain is as absorbable as a sponge. Towards the middle of the years, his progress slows down a little (no, I’m not complaining) but his speech development has improve tremendously! We can communicate better, no more guessing games. He knows the power of speech, yeah, no means no, mommy has to find ways to tell him or reason with him all the time. No, not so much of the irritating (some said) Why? And I should pull up my socks by getting encyclopaedia before these Whys come to me. Hah! Another reasons for shopping at Amazon.

Another thing – pretend play! I always think that this is more for girls but I was wrong! Pretend play can be playing with racing cars too.:P I notice while putting him to bed in the afternoon, he tends to put a few soft toys near him, the pink painter and the Maltese. He holds them, whispers, lines them up, hide them, takes them out. Same thing he does at night on my bed but I have only wombat & android. I should stay awake and observe more from today onwards!

I know there are plates, cutlers, cups in his class and everyday, they have free play in the morning but I don’t remember seeing him touching these until these few days. He makes me coffee !!!! Cook me dinner !!!! Wash hand on the fake basin and he feeds didi apple pie !!!! I was still thinking lucky me who has a son, I don’t have to buy any fanciful Mother Garden kitchen but now, I’m eyeing at this set !

Yeah, I must be out of my mind, he already has a barbecue set from Little Tikes.


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