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After 4 Weeks Long Holiday

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Everything kinda back on track except I had a hard time waking him up at 8am, he used to sleep till 9 plus for the past 4 weeks. After his breakfast, I found out I didn’t bring his pram back so Asher had to ride to school today. He did well, sweat a little and we reached school on time.:)

He was all happy when the door opened, he went in and happily waved bye bye to me. I took this shot from the window.

Back home, I cook simple lunch for the kids and I almost forgot to pick him up!

Asher showed his butterfly finger puppet to me and I was all busy taking to him and taking photo, totally forgot about his water bottle !


After lunch, I let the children play a while before their nap and the two boys went into the room and locked the door. Okay, I used to be panic but not now because Asher knows how to open the door and the windows are locked. I thought he would open the door but he didn’t, after waited for 10 minutes, no sound, the little one used to cry his lung out whenever he is locked in the room but not today, I told Asher to open the door and the answer I got was : no, mommy. It was so quiet inside that I decided to get a spare key to open the door. Damn the 10 years old lock, failed for few attempts and I heard Asher giggled inside the room! Yes! He found his mom amusing for not able to “catch” him. Arrghhh !! These were taken the moment I opened the door : they were “chatting” about the bubbles in hand. I couldn’t help but laughed and played with them too.


Asher took only an hour nap after didi left the room. I decided to take some learning material out, thinking if he doesn’t want to do, it is fine with me but if he wants it, we shall sit down together. I was pretty happy when he sat on the chair, we spent around an hour doing these :

No math today as we already practiced quite a lot yesterday.

There are other learning materials at home that I couldn’t squeeze them all to do it in an hour, those will be free play like Lego, blocks, puzzles, tangram. He usually plays with these before we go to the playground.

During the holiday, we didn’t really sit down and do our 1-hr learning session, we did it in the morning, afternoon, evening and sometimes at night. I find that he gets distracted easily when there are “cars & trucks” around. He still loves them a lot at this age but these days, he wants me to read to him and he prefers Peter Rabbit over them. 🙂


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