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Turning 33 months old in a week time


Haha, cute but not so cute if he keep using “no” & “later”.

Mommy : Asher, drink your milk now.
Asher : no, later. (high 5 hand x2)

Daddy : Asher, take your shower now.
Asher : no, I’m driving (pretended to drive)
Mommy : Asher, open the door now.(yes, he locked himself again)
Asher : cannot.

Location : NUH ENT centre
He made friend at the clinic today. They talked but he was 50% in his own world, that was fine to me but I would expect him to be able to communicate when he turns 3? When they were playing together, the boy taught him pattern and not to vandalise. He remembered to wave bye bye to his new friend before he left.

Oh, I just found out Asher can write “A” and “C” but I didn’t know he can draw.


2 thoughts on “Turning 33 months old in a week time

  1. this is really cute. 🙂

  2. More and more talkative.

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