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Asher, close your eyes and sleep

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I said this countless times on the bed every night while putting Asher to bed. Last month, I got so stressed up and I screamed at him in the middle of the night. Yes, he played all the way past midnight, refused to let me sleep first, i was not allowed to rest on pillow but sitting up right, with my arms across his body. Imagine! How tedious and tired for me to stay like this for 2 hours! I tried to calm myself and reminded myself not to shout or scream at him, sometimes I just got too tired. I didn’t ask for Ben because I know he is busy with his work.

Things didn’t get any better except the shouting part as I managed to control my temper, I felt really guilty after scolding him.

I share with Ben on how I feel and I don’t think I can handle stress well. I don’t want to raise my voice nor I want him to take over the care as I know he is busy. I seek help from friends, some said children love to snuggle with mommies that’s why we always take longer time to put them to bed. Some said their children have dropped the nap that left me wondering if Asher sleeps too much during the day.

Ben and I come out with a better solution now. Wakes up at 8am sharp, naps for 1-2hrs in the afternoon and by 930pm goes to bed after story book time. If he doesn’t sleep by 10pm, mommy will leave the room and daddy will accompany him instead. He whines a little of course but we must let him know that we meant what we said. He sleeps within 10-20min whenever he is with daddy. I thanked Ben for his precious 20min every night. He then told me soon Asher would not need his mommy at night. I don’t know how will I feel by then but at least I’m happy with this arrangement now. I really don’t like the angry me.


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