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Delphin Cleaning Service



I believe half of the Singaporeans are aware of Delphin cleaning service because of the promotion tactic – give you something absolutely free and all they want is to come over to your house to do a demo.

The demo is short, like 30minutes and after that, you will be informed how dirty your mattresses, sofa, pillows or quilts are. Most of us are impressed with the Delphin cleaning system, they are almost as same as Rainbows except they don’t hard sell you on the products but the services.

Each visit costs $60 consists of cleaning 1 mattress, add $10 for subsequent mattress or sofa.

I don’t have any intention to engage their service at first but Ben wants to give it a try, oh, not a try but for the next 6 months. Yup, for the sake of his health (he is the only one has sensitive nose at home), we paid $385.20 to the fella who did the demo this morning and we will be seeing him on monthly basis.

Well, I really do hope such vacuum thingy can take away whatever stuff on the mattress and hope Ben can tell me the different after few months. Wait a minute, our mattress is anti-dust mite, oh well, whatever.


2 thoughts on “Delphin Cleaning Service

  1. Errmmm… i am more concerned whether the machine he placed on yr bed itself is CLEAN? Anything brought from outside and placed on your bed is deemed not clean to me… that’s my opinion. 😀

  2. Actually I did think of that. Will remove the sheet, that’s all I can do now.

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