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This is a new term to me, simply means this group of people empty their savings account every month end. Actually we are also under this group, except I deposit some into account before month end. Hehe…

Who told me this? My funny BIL of course ! He was telling me about his group of friends who always complain about “$ no enough” in the end of each month, funny hah, people nowadays like to tell the whole world, not whole world but to their fb friends that they run out of money every month.:P haha! He also said if they don’t start saving NOW, they will whine every month until they grow old. How true?!

I came back and did a calculation on our expenses. Wahhh, except some “must spend”, we spend so much every month on miscellaneous, mostly food and stuff for Asher. Oh I forgot to add a slice for “donation”, people! Please don’t forget to donate.

People are always saying “money not enough” that’s why they don’t save some money aside for rainy days, let alone donate. Come to think about it, how much is enough? Yeah, it is never enough, especially money ! But still, you must force yourself to save some. Always remember, saving a little, very little each month makes a huge difference in the end. Don’t update your bank book until end of the year, then when you receive your “bonus” in December, wahhhh, it’s really “bonus” lo! And again, don’t forget to “give”. 🙂

Happy Saving! 别再当月光族了!


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