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Careless Mom


I am such a careless mom ! This is the second time he sustained injury and it is so close to his eye! The first time was 2 months ago, he attempted to see caterpillar and climbed onto the shoes cabinet, his weight was too great so the cabinet fell onto him as he landed on the floor flat, I could only see his head! He even told me to bring him to see doctor, luckily no obvious injury or bruises over the body. Blame myself for not looking after him properly. Now he learnt his lesson by not playing roughly too.

Friends at FB are kind to share some of the method to reduce swelling and bruise
– hiruroid
– ice
– boiled egg
– zambuk

Thank you ladies for your kid thought.



2 thoughts on “Careless Mom

  1. Oh dear! Sayang Asher. It’s really very close to the eye. Cold compress to reduce the swell? I dont dare to apply med too close to the eyes.

    Off topic here but on a lighter note, his eyelashes very qiao qiao. So nice! 😛

  2. Thank you, like daddy, my lashes short and not curly at all

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