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Eric Carle Inspired Artwork @ Home








It was all because we are going to…


Asher loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar and I always gotta find it at NLB after I returned it. Maybe it is time for me to buy one for Asher? He would ask for a thread whenever I read it to him. 🙂

As for another 2 stories, they are new to him because he didn’t want them. Today I let him watch it and that’s it, the boy kept saying,”brown bear brown bear, what do you see?”

He glued to the screen and insisted to watch it twice before we left for dinner.


Daddy said he will send us for the Friday 9am show. I thought maybe because the theater is just next to his office but daddy said he will take a day off on that Friday and after the show ends at 10am, the rest of the day will be our outing day !! I’m soooo looking forward to that day as I know Asher loves these stories. It’s his first show ever !


2 thoughts on “Eric Carle Inspired Artwork @ Home

  1. Thank you for sharing the link ! The show looks interesting and educational went to share the link with my colleague too 🙂

  2. you can bring Favian for the show! he will love it !

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