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Impromptu Visit to Gardens By the Bay


After our simple Japanese lunch, sleepy Asher was fighting to stay awake, failed of course! Haha, luckily he had a good 1 hr rest, he enjoyed so much at…


yes! Impromptu trip to Gardens By The Bay !! Hello Supertree !! We were there without proper entire, no jackets, no umbrella, no camera !!!

It rain soon after we arrived but we were lucky as there were some activities for children at the Silver Garden.

This was his first time watching Puppetry Show, yes, we are not that “outgoing” but we will try to bring him out more often to watch stage shows, be it in the mall or theatre. Look at him, he was so engrossed and he moved his body together with the rhythm.

Asher and other kids followed the butterfly to the storytelling corner, Asher enjoyed the storytelling by Aunty Doris and Aunty Katherine.

We then took a stroll up above the SuperTrees, 128m long walkway that connects the two 25-metre Supertrees at the Supertree Grove. The lift is quite small so if you don’t mind, you can choose to walk up, it’s just 6 floors high. Entrance is $5/p. Free for children below 3.
We didn’t visit the Flower Dome & Cloud Dome as we will be back again with camera ! The entrance fee for SC, PR is about half the price for foreigners.

We spent total of 3 hours at the garden. Thanks daddy for bringing me to Maxwell Food Centre for dinner after that, I was craving for chicken rice. Yummy ! After dinner, we went to Ikea to get some children stuff.

And our Saturday ended with … durian for supper ! Haha !!


4 thoughts on “Impromptu Visit to Gardens By the Bay

  1. ooooo i like the durians 😀

  2. another durian lover…

  3. Dear Diana,

    Once again thanks for your sharing.


  4. Hi nancy,

    No prob.:)

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