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Revisit ?

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How irritating ! Few days ago I thought we had come to conclusion but I was so wrong !

No revisiting was what daddy told me before I started reading up some traveling sites and books. Double confirmation made to ensure I didn’t choose a “wrong” destination, just before I click on to purchase the tickets, he indirectly told me there are “other places” we can go. Sometimes, actually most of the time I hate myself for asking,”then where do you want to go?” because all along, I call the shots! I don’t want to go to “that” place.

When he told me no more revisit for this year, I can understand because we revisit Shanghai in March and Hong Kong in May this year. Talk about new places, there are so many places we can go but I don’t enjoy long haul flight, that’s why I plan to go xxx. The main reason is of course we have not been to that city, I choose a suburb area so that we are away from “another Singapore”, I choose to stay in self-contained apartment instead of hotel so we can enjoy a tiny bit of the lifestyle like the locals.

He agreed with the location at first but he wants a 3 weeks getaway. The last time we were away for so long was our trip to USA and I had a terrible homesick after 2.5 week, I still remember I blogged about it as I was alone in the suite at Venetian, Las Vegas. I always think a 7-8 days holiday is good, a 2-week holiday is a luxury and 3-week? It’s unnecessary.

Now he is kinda okay with my 2 weeks plan but definitely not okay with the destination. He wants to “revisit” xxx and I’m so not willing to go as he wants to try “homestay”. Seriously, if Asher is much older and we can teach him about different culture, why not? It’s just not now. Arrgghhhhhhhhh !

I feel that he has never been so involve when comes to holiday, destination, hotels, itinerary and budget. I used to complain about his bochap attitude but now, I just hope he continues to be bochap. 😛

P/S : If we still can’t decide where to go, I’ll put the money aside (prep for the holiday) and go somewhere really far for 3 weeks – next year ! (something must have gone really wrong, I used to love overseas trips)


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