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Swimming Lesson

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No, I don’t expect him to swim at this age, bringing him to the pool is one of the thing I always wanted to do. Many people are telling me they are too young to listen to instructions from the coach so why bother to start swimming lesson now? Bonding (lah) and free play after that of course, I know the proper age to start this life skill is 4 and above. So now my plan is (if we like the class) after sending Smoochie to his grooming session, we have breakfast, go straight to the club for 30 mins swimming lesson, another 30 mins of free play, then leave the club to pick Smoochie up. Okay, now our Sundays seem a bit busy from 8am – 12noon.

Mommy : B, I’ve booked a trial class for Asher and just found out it’s parent accompanied class.
Daddy : hmm…
Mommy : Can you go with him instead? Just 30mins.
Daddy : Okay.

Hooray! At first I thought daddy will say no and tell me to find another school. Maybe it is swimming class and only 30mins.

I will update our first trial class experience with AquaDucks’ Coach Chantal soon. Why AquaDucks? Because the timing is right and location is perfect. Let’s see how things turn out. *Wink*


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