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Splash Splash @ Club Pool



There are 1 wading pool, 1 Jacuzzi pool and 1 big pool with big inflatable at the club. This one is very exclusive as this pool is only for aquaducks coach and students. I love the environment and view, overlooking driving range. Nice boh?

Asher seemed ready to join the class but these were taken after the trial session. LoL !! He refused to go to the pool when the class started! Partly our fault, we left the house late hence no warming up for Asher. Coach Jois was nice, she told me to let Asher get use to the pool and come back for the trial class when he is ready. Yes, we were there just to use the pool.

From what I observed, the 30 minutes class is super chop chop (fast). Students come and go, spontaneously, like they kinda know the “pattern”, in to the water and coach Jois demonstrated how to swim (new style) and off each one jumped into the pool and tried for 1-2 rounds and time’s up, they moved to another side of the pool, some continue playing/practicing and some left. Another group started, kids came one by one from no where (I thought some were club members) then the cycle went on and on, for 3 groups? Or maybe more. The coach didn’t even get out of the pool for that 1.5 hrs when we were there.

Hmm… Now I’m thinking(again), should we just bring him to the pool to play and soak and splash for fun then send him for a proper swimming lesson when he reaches 3.5-4yo? I already have a school in mind. Maybe I should talk to daddy again.


2 thoughts on “Splash Splash @ Club Pool

  1. Is this at Turf Club?

  2. No, it’s at orchid country club

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