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3 of us are down…



How weird ! 3 of us are down at the same time, it never happened before. I suspected… I just hope it was just my wild thinking.

When I tracked back our record, base on our yearly insurance claim, the last time Asher saw our PD was somewhere in Feb/March. I remember last year we used up more than $1k before June.

Blessed for good health ! To date, only half compare to last year. And the most expensive bill was close to $200 for the ENT consultation and play audiometry at NUHs, best part – objective not met!


4 thoughts on “3 of us are down…

  1. Hi D, can I ask which insurance allows draw-down for PD fees? We bought a life policy, healthshield (tagged to CPF) and endowment plan (edu savings) for H but have no policy to cover outpatient costs. And H has chocked up so much at the PD that my whole year company flexi benefits are already depleted 😦

  2. CL, It’s company insurance. Every year they give around 2.5k to us, we are allow to to use the money to buy whichever on the list, eg. $200 used to buy hospitalisation that can claim up to $xxk

    I usually put aside $2k for outpt, gp, a&e. I used up all in 2009 for antenatal check up 😛

  3. Get well soon!

  4. Thanks Shirley! 🙂

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