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Longkang Fishing @ Bottle Tree Park

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Just $10 for the little container and net, you can let your children fish for hours!

What a fun activities for the children. I used to fish in my house longkang for free but the water was never so clear and clean.:P I wanted to bring Asher to PR Children Kampung but it was a bit too far so after daddy picked us up at Bishan, we drove over to Bottle Tree Park. We spent almost an hour, it was never enough when comes to water play and fishing, Asher kept asking to stay longer. There were only a few kids, Asher started talking to one of the mandarin speaking boy, who was probably 5yo. Asher followed whatever he said in mandarin like 抓鱼、死鱼、不要、走这里。

Asher was so different, he used to communicate or reply in English even when we speak in mandarin. Yeah, totally ignore mandarin language but he didn’t do that to the boy.

I was telling daddy he is always better when he is with older kids(who like him too). He was a social butterfly. Asher at 1.5yo :

There was this period I was so afraid whenever he went near to others as he liked to push for fun. The phase had past? I hope so !






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