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Ethan is 3 !


When I first received the invites, I know it’s going to be a blast ! Mommy Brenda is heavily pregnant and she made an effort to organise and gave Ethan boy a perfect birthday party ! Not forgetting the daddy, I think Aloy must had been busy buying decor, snacks and balloons on that day. Kuddos to the parents !!

Almost everything was self made! Oh my, remind me of Asher’s birthday party, I know how tough it was to do up all these. Really thumbs up to the Tays, very supportive parents !

A shot of cheeky Asher when we arrived The Metropolitan.

See the kids, crazy over balloons! I was so afraid of them, they were huge !

The thoughtful Tays also prepared a little crafting corners to keep the children occupied. How smart, no need to rent toys! Something to say about the condo. They have an entertainment room next to the function room so the children and adults were all seated to watch Dinosaur show together after filling up our stomach.

If one of them is girl, I will use the word – 两小无猜. They just followed each other to everywhere, splashed water together and giggled together. When we arrived, the parents were telling us when they asked Ethan who does he want to invite to his party, first name came out from him was – Asher ! LoL, can tell how much Ethan adores his little friend. Asher also showed more “love” to Ethan yesterday. He didn’t upset the birthday boy like he used to. 🙂

Yummililous home baked cupcakes and birthday cake !! Ben and I love it so much and Asher was given a cupcake before we left. For the first time, he finished it by himself so I can tell the cream and cake must be really creamy and delicious. Good choice! No only that, the catering from Angeli was really good ! The food ran out fast too!!

The happy Tays family of 3 going to 4 ! Happy Birthday to Ethan Boy !

2 hours later, we thanked the family before making a move. These are some goodies we brought home, mommy Bren must have gone island wide to look for different stuff for different age group children.

It was a perfect birthday party with the theme the birthday boy wanted. Great effort and wonderful guests, place and food. So, are we going to organise a birthday party for Asher this year? Hmm…


2 thoughts on “Ethan is 3 !

  1. Di, thanks for the compliments! 🙂 Hope u guys enjoyed yourselves.

    Aloy is just in-charge of picking up the balloons & bday cake. He had a shock when he saw the balloons cos he didn’t know what I’ve ordered. & He thinks I’m crazy with all the ‘unnecessay’ DIY stuff. Even my colleagues think I’m crazy! Lol!

  2. I’ve seen crazier ! Haha! You know what I mean?

    Everything was very well done. Make me wanna prep his birthday party but this year, not likely. :))

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