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Girls Are Crazy… Over Bags !


Including me…

I was so desperate. Eyed on a bag, couldn’t wait for friend to bring it back from Europe and bought it locally.

How much was it? Enough to fly 3 of us to Melbourne.

Don’t ask me why and what happened. I had no idea what happened to me. I just knew I wanted that bag and that was the only bag I wanted, at that moment.

The moment I held the bag after spending thousands of dollars, I still didn’t feel good, I thought I would! Then I realised I didn’t really like it. Reached home, took it out from dust bag, turned it around and started looking for flaws! For the first time, I didn’t like my newly purchase bag! It was the most expensive bag I had ever own and I didn’t want it anymore! Okay, I can’t be giving it back. I took a picture and started to advertise my bag.

For the past 1 week, I’ve been checking my emails almost every 30 mins and repeatedly replying all potential buyers.

Some were okay, some were really anal! They wanted to own one but not willing to buy it at my price! I was so dumb for not putting up a high price. Almost everyone was asking me to lower my asking price.

Damn. I got fed up after one lady viewed it. Yes, one lady actually came over to my place to view the bag as early as 10am! Turned and checked and turned and checked, told me the bag is confirmed authentic and very new. Excuse me, do I need you to tell me that?! Then, she started saying:
– I came here to check the bag on behalf of my friend
– my friend prefers another colour
– I will ask my friend
– I will tell her about the bag
– can you lower your price?

WTH !! The Cantonese said,”白撞!” really feel like slapping her face ! I was rushing like a mad lady early that morning to meet her, confirmed with her meet up only when she is prepared to make a deal and she acted up like she walked into a boutique to choose her bag! She even asked me if I have other bags and why didn’t I bring them down for her to choose! I almost fainted ! My day was ruined because of her !

Days past, after so many SMS, whatapps and emails, no serious buyer and I was so desperate, I was willing to swap my bag and get some cash back. It was a silly decision, I “met” so many despicable people! Most of them wanna swap for free and their bags’ values are so much lower. There was this lady even attempted to swap her old and terrible bag with some topping up. I almost wasted my time to meet her luckily my sister reminded me to view the bag first. The moment I saw her bag, I was fuming and complained about it to my sister, in the middle of the night.

Until yesterday, received an email from a lady who was keen to purchase mine and willing to close the deal ASAP. She even travelled all the way from east to meet me somewhere nearby. I handed the bag to her and I could see her smiley face, she was overjoyed and even forgot to check the bag and authenticity card.

Within 5 minutes, she handed me the cash and we closed the deal.

I am glad. It’s finally over as I found the undo button. I apologised to hub and told him I won’t buy anything expensive on impulse again.

“I just don’t understand why you girls can spend so much money on a bag and buy it without even thinking much.” – Ben

Yes, I do agree that this is a little crazy, thousands of dollars transaction can be made just like that. It’s my first time and I think it is likely to be my last too. I still heart all my old bags so I’m not going to sell any of them. Buying a secondhand bag is never my style too. Yucks !


2 thoughts on “Girls Are Crazy… Over Bags !

  1. Hi. I came across your blog way back oct 16 2009 about Playtex milk storage bags. I was wondering if you know where to buy those clips. I need some. Please email me.

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