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LeVeL 33


This is so unlike him. Didn’t want to tell me where and what restaurant. It was a surprise from him. I kept asking about dress code, what type of cuisine, location. He simply refused to tell me anything about the restaurant.

Until he parked the car, I was still clueless. Then we arrived the lobby, there wasn’t any “up” button, only “handicapped” and “restaurant” so we press the “restaurant”, the lift opened, we walked in, door closed, door opened at LeVeL 33, the restaurant.

So this is the place Ben wanted to bring us to. How sweet of him. He heard about this place from his interns, yeah, those young chap who yet to earn money but already know how to enjoy lives.






All Day Breakfast for Daddy and Asher

My pasta ! Nice but not Extraordinary. 20120730-101158.jpg

I strongly recommend this place to those love to chill out. With friends or family, this is a great place to dine with spectacular view of Singapore, I believe the night view is going to be more stunning. Remember to reserve a seat first!

Please note : This is not a paid or any affiliated post. I’m not that lucky yet, to eat for free. Just wanna pen it down based on my own experience and share it with you. 🙂


4 thoughts on “LeVeL 33

  1. that’s very sweet of him indeed. and a lovely place to match. 🙂

  2. Food wise so-so and mostly 25++ , maybe next time come back for dinner;)

  3. What a loving husband!

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