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Pretend Play – who is the doctor today?


Asher is the doctor today ! And no, mommy is not the patient today as Brycen is such a cooperative patient who loves to be checked. LoL !! Cute !! I didn’t think of getting this set until 2 weeks ago, we had role play in the class and I found out Asher didn’t seem to know how to be a Chinese physician aka sinseh. Last week, the role play was doctor again but using our familiar tools like thermometer and stethoscope. At only 12 dollars per set of 9 tools, I bought it when I saw it at KP.


Cheap but tools are not just plastic made but with lights too. Worth every penny! Especially for a boy like Asher, he always take good care of his books, toys and learning materials.


Closer look at all 9 tools.


Made in China but good quality.



It’s handy too as it comes with a box like this. Home visit? Make sure you pay extra, ok?



2 thoughts on “Pretend Play – who is the doctor today?

  1. I must go get this for Ethan too! He has been playing with the real digital thermometer.

  2. It’s fun, some only $8

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