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P1 Registration – do you feel the heat?



I first felt the heat and tense last year during this period too when some october mommies started discussion about it. Everyone was and is talking about which elite schools they are going to send their kids to, how high is the chances and how to get into the phase…

I was a little panic, actually I’m still as we are unprepared and we have almost zero idea on which school we intend to register in year 2015. Yes, it is year 2015, another 3 years to go. And I started thinking it now? Yes. You think it is too early? Hell No ! Unless I just register under phase 2C, which means we will send him to whichever school in the same estate, preferably within 1km distance.

Of course I hope I can just register under phase 2C but first, we must know which area/estate we want to move to. Yes, those we know us well are aware that we are moving next year. The question is : where? At this moment, we are more or less know where is our preferred estate. Some friends were saying since we are moving, might as well use the opportunity to move near our first choice school. Oh well, there are many things we need to think, calculate and compare before we make a decision. Remember : location, location, location. If daddy is getting another promotion next year, which is not likely as he just got promoted late last year, we might be able to move near town. Let’s cross my fingers, who knows what will happen tomorrow?

So, should I look for house or school first?

What a egg and chicken question ! arrgghhh! If, ya, so many ifs; if we move near to school but not my preferred location, and do not get into the school *touch wood*, I’ll be very sorry for myself. Then if I choose a good location first, I might be blamed by others for being a selfish mom. *struggle*

I am so grateful to have my sister, who offers us to use her address if we want to register with one of the top primary school in Singapore. I know the chances will be a lot higher if I go into phase 2B, yes yes yes, I will then need to be a kepo in the GRC and be actively involved and volunteered for at least 1-2 years before I am considered an active GRC member. So now, count again, when do I have to start my service? You bet, it’s right now. I’ve already registered last year when I attended community talk. Now I just need to start serving our community.

I know there are some people out there who think mothers like us are “extremely kiasu”, we are willing to “do” so many things to let our children enter a so-called better school. Well, you think everyone is an alumni of a top school like you is it? Just sit there and pay thousands of dollar to be an alumni and start commenting about how silly and pathetic these parents are. Damn, sometimes I just hate it. Hate it when there is an angel and evil inside me. One told me to send him to any school, if he is smart, he will shine no matter what school he is going to. While another one keep telling me there is “so much” I can do to help him. There are at least 2 mommies on my FB regretted not trying to register as PV as the chances are indeed higher when you go under phase 2B. It sets me thinking and worrying, should I “do my part” before it is too late?


4 thoughts on “P1 Registration – do you feel the heat?

  1. Those who say that aren’t parents themselves yet. If they are, they will do the same; whatever it takes to get their kids into THAT school.

    What to do? We live in a society like this….

  2. Sigh, they said soon they might take away phase 2B

  3. You are not alone. I’m already thinking of what school I want to enrol my son in when he is merely 2 years old. I sacrifice and choose a flat near to the school. I did not choose an elite school but a slightly above average school. I do not want my son to be stress over academic. Haiz…Choices we made…Hopefully he will be able to enrol into that school.

  4. It’s hard just sit back and not doing anything. 🙂

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