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Times Book Sale

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20120809-200313.jpgAt first daddy was quite reluctant to ferry us to Expo. Not that I can’t go on my own, I can but I don’t think I can carry all the heavy books home on my own. The man doesn’t mind paying for taxi but knowing myself, stingy thrifty when comes to take cab especially I know it can easily costs me $30 and above due to the long journey, Ben and I know I will end up on bus 969! Imaging how happy I was when Ben changed his mind. It is because he too started to realize his son loves reading books.

That’s our 二十四孝老公和老爸 with our all-ready-to-shop-till-drop son !20120809-200344.jpg

3 hours in hall 5a, only quarter of the area and I managed to fill up my basket and left with big smiles on our faces. Not all chosen by me, some were randomly picked by daddy and gave to Asher to spend time while I was shopping. 20120809-200352.jpg

These are $3/each20120809-200359.jpg

These are $4/each20120809-200412.jpg

$5 & $1220120809-200418.jpg

These are $6/each20120809-200425.jpg

$9 for Collins’20120809-200431.jpg

DVDs – 2 chosen by Asher and the last one is for daddy Ben.20120809-200435.jpg

On the very first night, Asher watched pirates Jake on Disney Channel and I remember I bought a book about pirates. 20120811-153610.jpg

That night, daddy was the storyteller and Asher hugged his book to bed.20120811-153754.jpg


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