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Dim Sum @ Ah Yat Seafood (Turf City)


I mentioned about Dim Sum yesterday and Ben drove all the way to Jalan Besar to find out Swee Choon only opens from 6pm – 4am. We settled our late lunch somewhere nearby. At around 1am, I mentioned it again and of course, we didn’t have supper at wee hour. This morning, I said it again. Ha, obviously I was still craving for DS and off we went to Turf City. Thanks Ben !


锅贴 – not oily, generous filling

蛋挞仔 – nice, not too sweet, just a mouth full

酸辣玻璃鸡脚 – nice, little portion for $4.80


炸大肠 – highly recommended ! Very crispy, we always order this dish whenever we are here.


虾饺 – translucent skin, generous filling. Please don’t compare with HK size.


烧卖 – don’t look good but taste is acceptable.


Carrot cakes – highly recommended! It’s Asher favourite too so we ordered 2 plates. Very fragrance and soft.


炸两 – highly recommended! Crispy inside, soft outside, love the sauce that comes along with it.


小笼包 – I didn’t eat this but according to my family, worth ordering.:)


滑蛋河 – highly recommended !! Not cheap for this portion, enough for 3-4. I ordered this for Asher’s lunch. Comes with prawns and scallops, the rice noodles are very smooth, Asher had 2 big bowl !


Overall, the food are good and with 50% discount, free car park, it is worth coming here for Dim Sum brunch with family.


Asher with his favorite aunty


Please note : This is not a paid or any affiliated post. I’m not that lucky yet, to eat for free. Just wanna pen it down based on my own experience and share it with you. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dim Sum @ Ah Yat Seafood (Turf City)

  1. Is the 50% from the groupon deal? I was thinking whether to get it. Haven’t tried the dim sum at ah yat.

  2. No, I saw the deal after we came back. With deal is more worthy If you can eat a lot and love ds. Deal is $35 for 2 pax, eat till you drop 😀

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