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香港街珍达记@881 XO 鱼头米粉

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$4.50 for 1 serving but I think the portion is way too small even for small eater like me. Generous slices of fish but it is definitely not enough for sharing.


$9 for small plate. Highly recommended ! Very well marinated and it is very crispy, not very oily, will surely come back for this.


This is the reason why we are always here for dinner or breakfast. Yes, they serve fish noodles early in the morning too. Super delicious, additional $3 if you want to add a spoonful of XO, they add it in front of you before serving. It taste just as good even if you opt out because they have already added generous amount of 花雕酒. This is medium serving, $9, enough for 2 persons if you only order this dish for sharing.


Before we left, I checked out the price for their crab, it is only $40/kg !! Looks like we will be back soon, to try out more seafood from them.

Please note : This is not a paid or any affiliated post. I’m not that lucky yet, to eat for free. Just wanna pen it down based on my own experience and share it with you. 🙂


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