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Proud of being Singaporeans? Please Love our country !

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No, this is not written by me but this is exactly what’s on my mind all the time. There are so many sensitive things I would like to share at blog but I can’t. I can only state a few things I “buay tahan” when I saw it at my FB:

“A lot of people at Fullerton celebrating ND but most of them are PRs”

– hello! Any problem with that? I was asked once if I were in USA/Aus, will I celebrate independent day or Aus day, my answer is I will ! And I believe the Americans and Aussie are glad as I love their countries, showing respect and celebrating the big day with them. Unlike those who take it just another public holiday and didn’t even know our pledge ! Don’t you feel proud of your country, so safe and peaceful, that attracts so many foreigners here because we are “good” ! If you really think our government (hate those who used garments) is not doing good enough, you can jolly well leave the country! The Chinese always say “另谋高就” for career changing, just quit your pathetic job with pathetic pay. Leave the country and get a job (if you manage) from other countries then see if you like to complain so much!


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