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Week of Q – Quesadilla

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For the week of Q, I made Quesadilla !

1. Heat up the pan, add some olive oil, follow by garlic and onion.
2. Stir fry button mushroom for 3-5 mins.
3. Add anything you like, it can be red meat, white meat or any vegetables, I used pineapple.
4. Once cooked, set aside.
5. Heat up both side of the wrap.
6. Add cheese (parmesan an cheddar) first, add generous amount of cooked fillings and top it with more cheese. Follow this step as it helps to hold the fillings in the wrap.
7. Flip it and turn it so the cheese from both side will melt easily.
8. Cut into 3 pcs each set and serve with salsa sauce.

Remember to use medium low heat throughout to prevent burnt wrap.


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