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2 more months to 3yo !



I almost forgot, our still very babyish Asher is going to be 3 in two months time. Weight at 15kg and I keep thinking he has loss weight because no more baby fats, until I measure his height, our dear son is now 97cm tall ! Yeah, growth in height but not the weight, looks like I can add more meats into his diet.

His speech has improve tremendously and he has his views ALL THE TIME!!!!! Yes, it can be very irritating. Every morning, I must deal with

Asher, let’s go to school
– no no no, he says he doesn’t want to go to school but he doesn’t mean it because he still wants to wear his uniform.

Asher, let’s have your breakfast
– no, no, no. I want to play cars. I have to keep him seated and finish his cereal.

Asher, let’s wear your shoes
– no, no, no. Keep the shoes. No school. Then I have to hide the shoes under the pram and let him put them on before entering the school.

Asher, let’s drink your milk
– no, no, no. I don’t want. Then I have to say so many nonsense think, distract him with the tower crane and the “maze” on the way to school.

Asher, let’s walk into your class.
– no, no, no. I don’t want to go school. I’m 100% sure he doesn’t mean it because the moment he removes his shoes, he says bye bye and tells me to get him some cold drinks. Ha, he knows I’m going to the mall nearby.

Asher, let’s go home. (pick him from school)
– no! I want to go school. Children all come back !! Huhuhuhuhu…. I want to go school. I will then explain to him that the class is over, teacher has gone home, children go home for their lunch and Asher is going to grandma’s house for lunch too.

Ya, this goes on and on for countless month. Of course I love his cutesy voice and babyish look, but on the other hand, I can’t wait for him to reach 3 or rather, be more mature as there are so many activities we can do together and classes I can send him to he wants to join.

I remember Cheryl started going classes at age of 3.5 and she enjoyed so much. I will do the same for Asher. I want him to guide me, tell me what types of activities he loves to do. If my child doesn’t like music, then be it. Friends are recommending classes like zoophonic, I’m quite tempted to send him to but held back the idea after knowing Asher’s kindy teachers are teaching phonics and they are good. *save $ for more books*

20120816-142359.jpgTalk about books. Asher loves them. Not sure about other parents, every time I take out a new book, I’ll think before I introduce. Eg. I wanted to read The gingerbread man, I started with Maisy made gingerbread, Asher loves Maisy so I know he will not say no. After reading, we talked about gingerbread, how to bake it and who loves gingerbread. Then when he was asking for more gingerbread, I introduced the new book – the gingerbread man. Same goes to the “pirate”. He watched Jake the pirate from Disney channel, I showed him the new book about Pirates after his cartoon time. Likewise, I am going introduce books about beach during our next trip to the beach. It’s easier for them to learn through touching, seeing and experiencing themselves. Too bad, we brought him to Europe when he was very young, now he plays with those windmill and Eiffel Tower (souvenir) not knowing he was actually there. Okay, there is always next time. Let’s learn about Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower !! Haha..

Writing skill – Still sitting back and relax. Tracing not more than 2 times a day, I always think there are more for him to trace and write when he enters nursery. Occasionally he surprises me with some numbers and letters, otherwise, I don’t force him to hold his pen correctly (yes, still fisting most of the time) or tracing 20x for each number.

As mentioned before, I started introducing simple math concept to him. No, I’m not diligent, only 2x a week. After 2.5months, he can complete the nursery math workbook 1 by himself. Good and bad, as the workbook 2 required him to write number on the answer column and he can only write 1-3 so again, gonna hold back and continue, repeating workbook 1 by putting each page into the plastic folder. Sigh, do the same thing? I also sian, do they really like to repeat?


Remember I mentioned he dislike colouring? Few weeks back, I decided to show him pages like these and I was surprised that he likes it, we have now move on to colour number 18 & 19.


He still loves puzzles a lot, be it words puzzles or picture puzzles. And no, I don’t go further introducing life cycles in details. We have more years to learn them.


Maze, oh Maze. He still loves maze as much as before.

When he sees continuous patterns on the glass in the lift, he says maze.
When we are on our way to school, he says maze. When I give him a new maze book, he completes those he prefers.


As for swimming, he loves it and I try my best to bring him to the pool every week, we skip it when he is unwell. The swimming lesson, we decided to put it on hold. I really don’t like to cancel my plan because of classes.

I really love spending time with Asher, I love his singing and I thank him for giving me another chance to be a better person. Happy 34th monthsary, son. How do you want to celebrate your 3rd Birthday?



6 thoughts on “2 more months to 3yo !

  1. Perhaps this will give you some comfort.

    What you are doing: introduction before the actual task you want to do with him… is CORRECT! 🙂 In class, we call it “pre-activity” it is like you say, an introduction to the topic, theme. This is good as it provides some background information to the child.

    then the actual lesson or rather the main dish is served. This way, there is less chances of the child rejecting the main activity. 🙂

  2. When u come to melb, u can bring him to the Enchanted Maze in Mornington Peninsula.. Lots of mazes…:)

  3. Janice, thanks !! Melb is definitely a must go for year 2013. We missed the promo fare for dec, now the fare is high for dec :((

  4. Maybe we can meet up if our time schedule permits.. :))

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