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Upcoming Holiday – make a guess!


– 64sq meter deluxe room
– private balcony
– bathtub
– Internet access
– shuttle service

All the above are not important as all I want is to have a room with direct pool access !!! Yeah, wake up, brush up, call for room service and jump into the pool with Asher.


Aww… Can’t wait to go there. Didn’t know I will be so excite about our upcoming beach holiday. Hmm, I’m not a beach person so I choose a nice resort so I can relax and have massage. Daddy wants to go to the beach, see the sky and stars with Asher and this resort is less than 500m away from the famous beach.

I’m not going to reveal our vacation destination. Make a guess, I’ll bring back souvenir to the lucky winner.

Answer and result will be posted at blog on 1st Oct 2012.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Holiday – make a guess!

  1. Krabi. I want a prize! 🙂 hahhahaah!

  2. How can so early give outa answer N prize leh!! Must wait ok?

    Darling bren, put aside the prize, I will surely get you souvenir.;P

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