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Scholastic Calendar Bulletin Board

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Today, Asher surprised me by taking the correct card. Yes, it’s Saturday today. I was thrilled and posted the photo on my FB.

Mommy G asked if I made this calendar card by myself, of course not. I tried but failed because after all the printing and lamination, I find my board is too small hence I went online to search for affordable calendar bulletin.

Amazon is still my favorite online shopping site, I found scholastic calendar bulletin at pretty good price !

I like it because
– it was only USD11.99
– it is colourful
– the set comes with One large 24″ sun calendar with 12 monthly header clouds! 38 special day cover-up cards, 5 birthday cover-up cards, 22 “red” calendar days, 33 “blue” calendar days, and 6 blank cover-up cards. Seven days of the week cards, and additional weather cards are also included in the set.

And lastly, I can teach weekdays using the cards. I don’t remember when was the last time we went through the Mon-Sun, looks like it is time to let him “play” with Jan-Dec cards.


I am impressed ! Love the colourful cards, plastic-coated to prevent fading and increase durability !

Get yours at Amazon today !

<iframe src="


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