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Storytelling By Asher

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Daddy is right, not exactly reading but more like storytelling. He simply adores the stories and insists on reading them everyday, which is good and now he can tell me the stories by looking at those illustrations.

Reading is really a good hobby and everyone should start reading from young. Too bad I only started reading to him when he was 28mo.

Nowadays, I make it a habit to pick a book randomly from the box(yeah, no shelf yet) before we leave the house and he will flip the book automatically once the car starts moving. We always try our best to do other things, eg. singing or playing instead of relying on iPhone or iPad for some 30 minutes journey to the town. Today, he even brought one of his favourite book to the restaurant. Mommy Famela is right, reading can be anywhere, anytime.


I hope he will love books and storytelling ( like me ) as he grows up in the future. Here is another video, enjoy !


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