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Product Review : Little Me Organics


I was suppose to write the reviews long ago, yeah, I’ve finished the lotion, body bath and shampoo given by distributor somewhere in May. Again, thanks for given me these wonderful products to try, they were generous, I was given full retail set.

Actually I wasn’t the one who used it, ha, it was Asher ! Do I love it? Hmm, as much my boy, who asked to apply lotion on his own. I personally love them because of the wonderful scents and all Little Me Organics’ natural baby products are made by gentle organic certified essential oils and botanicals. From the statement above, you know your child is safe to use them.

New products? Yes and No. The brand is new to many of us but it is not in UK. Yes, products are made in UK and first launched in UK in year 2004.

Little Me Organics was developed hand-in-hand with well-known aromatherapist Glenda Taylor. The key ingredients in the gentle formulations, such as lavender and mandarin are certified organic, as are the vegetable oils used.

There are few ranges of Little Me products available in Singapore :

Little Me Organics Oh So Gentle – With hydrating pear and mallow, and soothing organic aloe vera, babys sensitive skin will be left perfectly soft, supple and moisturized. I believe this is one of the best selling products of Little Me.


Little Me Organics Shh Sleepy Head –
contains the wonderful and comforting aroma of Dill & Organic Lavender. These help baby to rest and sleep soundly as everyone knows soothing Lavender settles and calms baby. Besides, the lotion leaves their tender skin comforted and moisturised.


Little Me Organics Mmm Moisture Babies – as the name suggested, extra moisture to baby’s skin ! It keeps the skin hydrated and locks in moisture where it is needed the most. The range is soothing and comforting for baby and contains the calming blend of Chamomile and Organic Lavender.


Little Me Organics Yipee Playtime – this range has beautiful aromas of Neroli, Rose and Organic Mandarin. The renowned uplifting properties of these Essential Oils awaken the senses, whilst helping skin stay healthy and keeping baby happy.


Little Me Organics Mom To Be – Containing Rose Hip, Organic Vanilla and Grapefruit, the 3 products in this range help ease your skin into pregnancy, as well as helping you to unwind with beautifully blooming skin. I personally love the scents ! If only I was preggy, I would ask for this range to try out myself!


Good Question !! Before you ask me, allow me to list down where are the places you can get these wonderful god-sent products :
– Kiddy Palace
– Marks & Spencer
– Mothercare
– Robinsons

And other kiddy stores. If you prefer to shop online, try Branded Staples


2 thoughts on “Product Review : Little Me Organics

  1. May I know is it available in Malaysia?

  2. Hi Emily!

    I am sorry I don’t really know

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