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A Housewife’s Nightmare

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“On top of its prior layoffs, it plans to cut more staff to help deal with its financial woes.”

Scary ! This is really scary to me not only because I’m a SAHM, I am also worried for those who might get affected. The world economy is unstable, everything is so unpredictable. 😦

As everyone knows if one got layoff, what hits them the most will be money. Loss of income for the family is something very scary especially when daddy is the only one who brings back the bread. Exactly like my case, this is my 5th year, from a stay home wife to a stay at home mom. Luckily I am not someone who spends like water.

I’m glad
– I didn’t plan to spend thousands on Asher’s 3rd birthday
– I didn’t book a 3-week long holiday in Australia
– The promo rate from airlines ended before I took out my credit card
– We manage to clear monthly credit card bill
– We manage to save 25% of total income, excluding 10% CPF contribution monthly
– I didn’t enrol Asher to a super-duper atas, expensive preschool
– We didn’t upgrade our car
– I didn’t sign up any gym or spa memberships

Do I really make it sound so real that it is going to happen ?? It is actually but for us, we are safe. The last 1 hour was my nightmare. I have confident in hub and his team, they really do a good job. I kept thinking, if…( touch wood ) it ever happens…

the car must go
– the helper must go
– find 2 tenants for our 2 bedrooms
– no more weekly grooming for Smoochie
– no more monthly grooming, massage, hairdo for me
– no enrichments classes for Asher, wait a minute, he doesn’t go to any now.
– no more donation
– cut down monthly subscriptions

I still hope Ben can squeeze out some time to convert his car into a red-plate car as we are paying so much (road tax, insurance and instalment) but park the shining car at the MSCP day and night. Yeah, I still don’t dare to learn driving. He was hoping one day I might need it. If we convert it, I think there will be no more payment to be made monthly. if no need to pay for car, we will keep it.

The last thing, I’ll have to leave my boy with my mom and look for a job. It is not difficult for me to get one but I will be very reluctant to because I love spending time with Asher.

These are just what I can do IF, if the big IF really happens, call me paranoid, that’s why I always say everyone must have at least 6-10x of your income saving. If you have enough money, at least you don’t have to borrow money, sell house. Life moves on like before when one loss his job but have enough savings to standby for his next job. Not possible to save ? The key word – spend within your limit and save for rainy days. To know how to spend money, have a good talk with your wallet/wristlet. Not possible to get a job? Lower down your expectation, trust me, you wish the interviewer does the same on you.

Pray Hard for our friend at the other side of the world. Hope to hear good news from you tomorrow.

Hmm… After doing some calculation, it’s not so bad after all as the package is actually not that bad. You know what I mean? LoL !!


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