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ELC almost-year-end SALE

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I finally bought it, the sand and water pit, I’ve been eyeing at this set for very long. It was close to $140, I grabbed the 2nd last piece when I was told there were only 2 left. No regret, Asher loves it so much and the cousins have fun playing even without sands and water. 20120829-160443.jpg
Another super good buy will be the fish and count set. Oh my, Asher can play with it for hours !! He sits on my bench and pretends he is on a sailing boat, fishing for his lunch and dinner. Occasionally, he “jumps” into the “river” and “swim”. Extremely adorable to see little kid’s imagination runs wild. He also wants us to fish with him too.
The last item I put in my cart was Jolly Phonics CD and book. It was $26 and I told myself to put it back if this was not on sale. Surprisingly it was sale item too and only cost me $13 ! Actually this was an impulse buy, I’m still thinking should I “recycle” it.

Blame myself not for being ELC fan, I didn’t know the sale/fair date can be this close. The last 50% discount was only 2 months ago! I should have bought everything I want at one go and stopped going to the sale. Sigh, I foreseen another in 3-4 months time, definitely one more big sale before Christmas ! I must stop spending money ! If I can’t resist, please remind me to go United Square outlet.


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