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Forever 21

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I went gaga when I was at Forever21 website. I thought I will get at least 10 tops as the price is really low. After spending hours looking at hundreds of them, I then realised why these are dirt cheap. My shopping cart items decreased as I read the reviews. Finally, I made up my mind there were only 3 I really wanted. I hope I don’t chuck them aside after I receive them.

Of course the elephant size me have some problem searching for ideal clothes to wear. I am not talking about tees. I have problem wearing dress.
Sleeveless – flappy arms – no !
Maxi dress – I am too short – no !
Doll dress – already got 2 people asking if I am preggy – no !
Above knee – thunder thighs – no !
Tube dress – flabby arms and don’t know what bra to wear – no !
Fitting dress – I’m like a ball – no !

See, no dress, no shorts and no sleeveless. Damn sian.

Updates: the forever 21 wanna be went out shopping for clothes and shoes after posting.
Damage : *secret*
Loots : 2 pairs of shoes, 3 tops, 1 cardigan and 2 long pants

Feeling better? Of course !


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