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Friendships through Internet

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In the past, people will give you the “look” when you tell them you know someone from Internet and become friends. They think this is unbelievable. I don’t because I know my dream guy from Internet and we are happily married with 1 kid. Oh, yes, you must know someone sincere in the first place. I’m lucky. I know more than just one.

Sam – From CC. I am no longer active in that forum. Occasionally I will still log in and read some posts about tips on MU and travel. I posted my old blog link and then she is my blog reader since then. She is very active at my page, she shares all tips with me on everything especially on pregnancy and then parenting. Sam is so generous that she gave me lots of maternity clothes and infant clothes before I delivered. *counting fingers* I think we know each other for at least 4-5 years. First met up was Caleb’s full month celebration in 09. I always feel that we have known each other for very long time. We have something in common, we born in the same year and our hub were from the same village. LoL !! When we meet, we can talk for hours !

Bren – From CC. Like Sam. Bren follows my blog for many years. Also a loyalty customer like Sam as they supported me on my sale of CNY goodies every year. Hehe. Sam, Bren and I all had our boys in year 09 but in different hospitals. We met up every few month for the kids to play together and we visited the Zoo. Thanks to Aloy, we entered for free. Bren is a very caring person, I remember she mailed me a tube of hand cream when I was complaining about my rough hands due to housework.

Kat – Through my blog. She is definitely not a silent reader ! A very caring and gentle lady, married to a 24孝 hub, Pat who tells joke all the time when we meet. These 2 are very positive couple. I like that ! They are also like my senior, who give me insight. I still remember my terrible post natal blues, Kat wanted to give me a surprise gift cash to cheer me up but failed as I locked my letter box. LoL !!

Friendship doesn’t come easily. I came to this little island 12 years ago not knowing any friends. I don’t make friends easily, like anyhow add friends into my FB. When I do, I attempt to know more about them. Well, that’s seem to be a valid reason right? Yes, even writing up a guest list got me thinking. When you’re invited, feel honored because someone out there care to celebrate her/his special day with you. That explained why I hardly turn people down for invites.

Of course, It’s tougher to maintain the friendships. Just like brewing our own homemade rice wine.
– Correct recipe ( same attitude and characters )
– Clean water ( sincerity ),
– Close tightly ( keep in touch )
– Keep away from sun light( protect and care for each other )

Now everyone can easily have more than 100 friends over FB. I carefully screen my list every now and then as many personal things and feeling are shared online with fellow friends. Occasionally I see strangers added to my list, it has to be Asher who accidentally add them, same goes to those who suddenly disappear. Yes, I’ll rather take it as my son accidentally unfriend you than cracking my head trying hard to think what have I done wrong? Okay, sometimes things do go wrong. Just like my wine, they don’t turn our well sometimes too. Sometimes I know the reason, sometimes I just don’t have to know.

That’s right, I don’t need to have plenty of friends. If they are good, a handful is enough for life.

Friends, I am happy to know you. ( you know who you are )


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