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Review : Complimentary Massage @ Jean Yip Loft


Okay, I won’t introduce about Jean Yip group. Everyone knows them, one of the leading spa and beauty company in Singapore. As mentioned before, I’ve got a complimentary massage at Jean Yip Loft, located at Outram. It’s quite hard to miss it.
Once entered, my ic was taken for recording purposes.
The ambience is quite nice but it’s funny to see flowers and plants with price tags at the entrance.
Some short conversation with the consultant before they lead me to level 6. I suspect she is a thai as she speaks funny mandarin, no idea why she speaks to me in mandarin. This is the private room.

I won’t elaborate much about the massage process, I believe all of you know how it is. Overall, the pressure and skill are good. After massage, I was brought to level 2 for light refreshment.

Ginger tea and red bean soup

Another 2 tables were occupied and the consultants were trying to sell their packages. Okay, nothing new. Like I’ve said before, I’ll sign up if the package is good. Honestly, the massage was good BUT
– session completed less than 60 mins
– the scalp massage is crap
– the masseur told me I have a lot of cellulites

Excuse me, I’m here to rest and relax and you make me feel so uneasy in the room with you. Yes, I’m plump but you don’t have to tell me that, at least be tactful.

Another big turn off are
– hard sell tactic
– the consultant 翻白眼!even before I said no to her. She was explaining the package and did that few times
– she makes me feel… Cheepskate. “so little every month also cannot pay?”

I told her I don’t mind coming here occasionally for their good massage services and pay Full Rate ( like i always do at Amore ) but I don’t like to sign packages that cost me thousands of dollars at one go. Installment so what? If I don’t come, it is a wastage. This is the package offered to me, she claimed that this is the “cheapest”

Seriously, they have to change their hard sell tactic and stop making customers feel lousy. You have the best masseurs, customers will come back for sure. You just need to smile and smile and smile. Get it?


2 thoughts on “Review : Complimentary Massage @ Jean Yip Loft

  1. You are very right. I loved to go for these pampering sessions but whenever I think of the hard-selling tactics and the way you said they made us feel so cheapsake as if we have come for free or offer session and not buying any package. So these days, I will only go to those places without offer paying usual price and not feeling stressed.

  2. That’s right. And I always try my best to avoid installment. Thousands of dollars on massages… I’ll think twice or more.

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