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Term 3 School Break

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How time flies, it’s term 3 school break ! I didn’t plan any staycation or road trip as daddy said he has to stay up late in office. Break means no school, no school means no rush in the morning, no rush means Asher can wake up later than 8am. Same routine, shower and brekky, followed by milk before we leave the house but in very slow motion. We take a stroll to my mom’s, without the pram. Asher is all happy as he prefers walking. We read more and go to the playground in the morning. He always ask me if he can go playground in the morning, then he will gimme his answer : “No, asher cannot go playground because it is wet.” Actually the reason is that we need to go school. I can’t say that, if not he will whine and say he prefer playground. :p how not to love school break? Haha, just hope he won’t bug me next week.

Morning – playground & messy art
Afternoon – free play (mom has appt)
Evening – reading

Morning – library visit
Afternoon – learning session & reading
Evening – playground

Morning – reading
Afternoon – messy art & learning session
Evening – Hari Raya invites to Aziq’s

Morning – playground & messy art
Afternoon – water play
Evening – Night Safari

Morning – riding & playground
Afternoon – reading
Evening – free play


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