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Let’s Go Library

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The moment we stepped out of the lift at level 4. Asher remembered he lost me during our last visit here. He told me he was so scare and called out for me. “Mommy! Mommy!” yes, he shouted in the library. lol !

Now, he is more familiar with the library and he roams around independently.

When we were at the JP corner, he pulled out a book from the shelf and told me,” I want to read book, you wait for me, okay? I will be back.” He made me felt like a I’m the kid. “Asher, you can get a book and take that seat nearby, mommy is looking for some books. I’ll be there for you in a while.” I told him.

We sat down for a while as he wanted me to read to him. We went through around 4 books. Then he told me he wanted to get Maisy books. As I was searching for books on the shelf, I lost sight of him. Okay, he can’t go far. I thought. I walked around the same level and when I finally found him. I just couldn’t bring myself to scold him for walking away without telling me.


Our little one has grown up. Yes, turning big 3 in less than 30 days. He is so different, he doesn’t get distracted easily when comes to reading.

Back home, we had late lunch and he worked on the sorting game.

Asher : mommy, what’s this?
Mommy : it’s a…
Asher : yes, banana! Mommy, what’s this? (pointing at the green)
Mommy : It’s a…( almost wanted to say 不熟的 banana )
Asher : it’s a pea !
Mommy : … Yes, it’s a pea >,<


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